Friday, February 4, 2011

Candid Camera

When the doctors came in our room this afternoon and said, "We think Averi might get to go home tomorrow," I literally laughed out loud.  Then I quickly searched the room to make sure I wasn't on a hidden camera show.

After realizing that they were serious, I immediately tuned out the fellow who was talking to me and looked at the attending, the 'make the final decisions' person.  Apparently Averi's ANC counts have gone something like this: Sat - 360, Sun - 480, Tuesday - 90, today - 320.  Not only did her counts go up but her platelets have gone up as well, which means her marrow is producing it on it's own.  It's possible that she never got to 0 before starting to recover.

When I asked the doctor if the ANC always had to go down to 0, she replied that 'always' was a strong word.  That's when I said, "So you're telling me that this is Averi and you have no idea what's she's doing?"  The answer was yes. :)

Several hours later, Averi's fellow came to check on her and explain things a little better.  They want to at least keep her over the weekend to make sure that her platelet increase continues and isn't due to the transfusion she received 2 days ago.  They also want her ANC to come up some more, since that is what took so long to recover after the last treatment.

I am now feeling more confident in the 'go home' decision, and with some luck we just might get to go home at the beginning of next week!

Ever since the 'Mickey Breakfast' incident, Averi will not leave her Mickey alone.  I keep finding her with her shirt pulled up and one hand twiddling her Mickey.  I think she does it without even noticing, since she uses twiddling as a calming device, but why, after having it her entire life, has she decided to start doing it to her G-Tube?

I never leave the room and she still manages to pull off the gauze and unplug her tube.  The nurses finally came up with a solution - wrap her entire torso with gauze so that she can't get to her tubes.  This is what Averi thinks of it:
Don't be fooled by her bewildered face.  It only took her a few hours to figure out how to pull it up a little so that she could twiddle her precious Mickey.  She is one extremely smart, yet lazy girl!


Stephanie said...

That's funny! She definitely looks like she's going to figure things out any minute. :)

Tina said...

I like the "extremely smart, yet lazy" I like that quite a bit.