Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Update

I realized after I posted last night that I hadn't updated on the whole 'cold sepsis' scare.  Other than having a really low temperature that one night, Averi has been just fine.  The final 48 hour results came back last night and they were negative (didn't grow anything) so she got her last dose of antibiotic this morning.  I explained to her that there will be no funny business tonight as the antibiotics wear off. :)
(The other day I turned around to find Averi banging her drumsticks together.  The catch?  One of them was hanging out of her mouth.  When I started laughing and got the camera, she liked the reaction and continued doing it.  It looks painful.)

I have also accepted that we will not be going home today, as was once mentioned (not that I really believed it), because Averi's ANC has a mind of it's own.  Over the weekend it went from 320, to 170, to 120, to a whooping 70 today.  It seems to be hovering around the 100 area so I don't know if it will ever finally go all the way down to 0 (I learned that that is called 'nater,' as in "she never natered").  Either way, she won't get to go home until the counts start trending upward.

The rest of her blood is doing really well.  Her hemoglobin (red blood) is normal and her platelet count seems to double every day.  This is the best news to me since her platelets are what got us into this mess in the first place.  Now if we could just get her white blood cells to get a move on.


The Giaimo's said...

She is so dang cute!!

Lauren in GA said...

I always knew Averi was a rock star. Now you have a picture to prove it!