Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pop Goes the Mickey

Poor Dan always ends up having to deal with something crazy when he is at the hospital on the weekends.  Today was no exception...

Right before dinner, for some unexplained reason, the balloon that holds Averi's Mickey button in place popped.  She has had a Mickey for quite some time now and we have never had this happen before.

She was just sitting on her bed playing when Dan looked over and saw her holding the Mickey.  He thought she had pulled it out again, but upon closer inspection realized that it had popped and fallen out all on it's own.  My only guess is that she ripped a minuscule hole in it when she was chewing on it the other day, but no one really knows.
Dan immediately plugged the hole with his finger, to keep her stomach contents from spilling out, and called for the nurse.  Since they don't keep GI supplies on the cancer floor, a new Mickey had to be ordered.  When the order finally arrived it wasn't even a Mickey button, so another order had to be made.

An hour and a half later, the right Mickey finally arrived.  Of course by then Averi was extremely hungry and the hole in her stomach had closed some so Dan had to really work to get the new Mickey back in, resulting in lots of screaming and crying.  Really frustrating? Yes.  Totally random?  Yes, but then again, Dan was staying there. :)


Lauren in GA said...

That would be frustrating. I'm so sorry. Poor Dan...and poor Averi.

Tina said...

Why is Dan the one putting the Mickey back in? Is that normal that a nurse/doctor isn't doing this. Is it pretty much a belly button piercing, easy as in and out?