Friday, September 17, 2010

Speech: Week 1, Orientation

Today was Averi’s first individual speech therapy session.  I’m trying to be optimistic about it, but I’ll admit that I’m a little skeptical.  I don’t really need another appointment to go to every week, Averi’s not talking at all, so I’m not sure how we’re supposed to improve on that, and she only imitates babbling some times.

Truthfully, I’m only giving it a chance because it is completely paid for since Averi has a hearing loss.  It also means that we don’t have to drive 45 minutes to the LEAP group anymore, but it’s only a 30 minute session.  Averi already gets a lot of speech from going to the Regional Infant Hearing Program, which I really, really like, but that is only once a month.

We didn’t really do anything productive today except fill out papers and go over policies.  The Speech Pathologist we are working with runs at about a million miles a minute, so maybe we will get a lot done next week.  I’ve promised myself that we will give it a go before I completely cross it off.

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