Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PT: Week 20, Please Stand Up

At least Averi is getting better at tolerating PT.  She no longer screams until she gags, which quite the accomplishment.

Today we did the usual exercises on the ball and side sitting to get onto four-point.  When Abbi put her in a high kneel (up on her knees instead of resting her bum on her feet) she wasn’t happy but Abbi only had to support her by pushing her bum forward with one thumb.  She especially did well when we could get her interested in a toy and she reached for it.  She just needs a good distraction.

When she got tired of kneeling she would bring her left foot up and actually push up into standing.  This was usually followed by her arching her back since she obviously wasn’t trying to do more work but again, once we got her distracted, she would hold on to the support with only one hand while she played with a toy and Abbi held on to her legs and knees.

After that Abbi decided to try to get Averi to move to get to a toy.  She got her into four-point and then showed her how to move one hand and then one knee to move forward.  Of course she didn’t just start crawling but there were a few times that she picked up one of her hands all by herself.

The funny thing was that she normally hates going from four-point into sitting but she was pushing to do it given the choice between that and trying to crawl.  Apparently we just have to give her a harder choice if we want her to do something.

I am so, so proud of her and how far she is coming!


Lauren in GA said...

Awwww, I agree! So much to be proud of!!

I love reading this blog, Tiffany. It is wonderful to read about her progress. Also, I LOVE the pictures you post of her. She is a doll.

Stephanie said...

I miss this little darling. It sounds like she's working hard! It's fun to read updates on her like this and you give such good details, I can picture it all so well. Love you and miss you.