Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Answers

So last night didn’t go too well.  Averi woke up 3 different times crying and gagging on the mucus in her lungs.  I pounded on her back forever and even tried sucking it out but she refuses to cough and just garbles when she breaths.  Luckily the Tylenol is helping with her fever.
The doctor called me around 3:00 today, much earlier than I expected.  She said the results won’t be final until tomorrow, but it looks like she DOESN’T have AML (a form of leukemia) so she won’t need to be admitted tonight, but she does have transient myeloproliferative disorder (the possible precursor to leukemia that I mentioned before).  She will call me tomorrow afternoon to answer questions and give us the treatment plan.

I am relieved that it wasn’t as bad as we had originally thought and I’ll probably be able to sleep a little better tonight, but we still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her or how they are going to fix it.  From the research Dan and I have done, there are different severities of TMD and we won’t know until tomorrow exactly what we are dealing with.

I know that prayers have been answered and hopefully Averi will have an easier battle to fight.


Jen A. said...

I am SO glad to hear. Poor child sounds like she has quite the cold. Mr. Sam has the same thing. Be ready to get a chest x-ray and more meds for the cold. He is getting abuderal(sp) treatments every 4 hours. We can't wait to see you!

The Robisons said...

SO happy to hear! She is such a sweet little girl and we are all lucky to be a part of her life (however little of a part it may be). AND, happy that you as her parents you are able to breath a little sigh a relief! You are a great MOM Tiffany!!!!

The Fisher Family said...

Amen Mrs. Robinson. Tiffany, you have had one big crash course in, hmmm, what all? Faith, endurance, love, nurturing, strength--both physical and spiritual, being Christlike, and just sheer grown-upedness! You amaze me, and I know that the Lord is so pleased. I don't know how you do what you do, but I know that you will be blessed. You can do anything! We always keep you guys in our prayers, and we love that little girl (even those of us who haven't met her yet!) And extra hugs to Kaili, who is also a total trooper through all of this.

Lauren in GA said...

thanks for posting. I am glad it isn't Leukemia...but that word, "precursor" is still very scary. We will keep praying. Love you!

Tina said...

YEAH!!!! You're incredible!!! Dan is too and so is Kaili and definitely Averi. I love you all and i hope I made you giggle