Friday, April 9, 2010

She's Shrinking!

We went to see the nutritionist again today for a weight check and feeding assessment. When the nutritionist pulled up the graph, Averi hadn’t gained any weight in the last 3 weeks and her length had decreased. I insisted that she is not in fact shrinking and made the nurse measure her again. She was the same length as before.

I wasn’t really surprised since we just moved her feeds around last time and didn’t increase her total daily amount. The nutritionist called my bluff and asked if I had started adding olive oil to her foods…nope. I did start giving her meats, however, and they give her some nasty smelling poo (so if they don’t believe me they can go smell her diaper).

She also pointed out that I was supposed to increase the feed rate on her continuous night feed. I honestly didn’t know that, but I checked it when I got home and she had actually told me to do it. Whoops!

She decided to increase the feed amount from 100 to 120 at the 3 daytime feeds and from 270 to 300 during the night. She was considering adding more but I insisted that Averi is starting to take more baby food orally and that the added 90 mls a day would be fine.

I have yet to figure out how they decide how much food to give her. I know they use her weight to figure out how many calories she is getting each day but the math always seems to come out weird. Apparently she is supposed to be getting between 90-100 calories per kg each day. I say stop looking at the calculator and try looking at my daughter, she’s awesome!

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