Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PT: Week 3, Hard Work

I was a little worried that Averi wouldn’t have improved much today since we missed the last two PT sessions, but she actually did really well. Abbi worked with Averi on the exercise ball for a while getting her to roll onto her side to get to a sitting position and also lying on her stomach and putting weight on her arms.

She also worked on rolling over (Averi hates being on her stomach, although I can’t really blame her), lying on her tummy on a wedge so she can extend her arms to the ground, and bearing weight on her arms while sitting.

I told Abbi that my goal is for Averi to be able to sit up unsupported by her birthday. She smiled hesitantly and said we would try (at least she’s honest). We then spent a lot of time working on sitting.

We realized that Averi likes to overexert her back which throws her backwards. Abbi solved this problem by propping Averi’s butt up just a little with her foot. This counteracted Averi and she was able to sit for what seemed liked a good 20-30 seconds without any support.

I asked Abbi if it is painful for people with low muscle tone to use their muscles. She explained that it’s like working out every time you try to do something. If sitting is a 2 for me on the effort scale of 1-10, it’s about a 7 for Averi. No wonder she is such a cuddle bug, she must always be exhausted.

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