Monday, April 26, 2010

OT: Week 14, No More Breastfeeding

After doing better than expected, although not fantastic, with the regular breastmilk last week, I decided to try breastfeeding Averi one more time before I am done pumping. I tried all the tricks and she would either cry or chew on the nipple shield. I took that as a sign that, surprise, breastfeeding is not ever going to happen. I didn’t think it would but at least now I won’t sit around and wonder if I stopped pumping at just the wrong time.

When I told Frances about it, she laughed and said I should have tried coating it in prunes since that seems to be the magic flavor that makes Averi drink milk and eat veggies. I told her that Dan might be a little confused to come home and find my chest covered in prunes. =P

Averi has been doing better with the bottle this week. She hasn’t repeated her three feeds in one day act, but she usually takes at least one whole feed a day and the other feed amounts have increased.

I have found several things that seem to help:
•Flavoring her milk with prunes
•Taking a break every 15-20 mls to pound on her back and break-up the congestion
•Burping – This is a new thing. She has never really burped before since we can just vent her G-Tube. Frances says this probably means she’s getting stronger because it takes some muscle to move the air up and out. Either way, Averi seems to feel better after the fact.

Today, Frances gave Averi the usual bottle of thickened milk and prunes. We tried decreasing the amount of prunes from 2 spoonfuls to 1 spoonful for every ounce and hit a wall. I’m waiting for the day that Averi either realizes that not everything tastes like prunes or she decides she is done with them. It will not be a good day at the Fisher household. For now, however, prunes it is! (Good thing she doesn't have diarrhea problems.)

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Lauren in GA said...

You are so creative...maybe you could make a prune bra? Okay, maybe not...

I enjoyed reading all of your latest posts here. You are really and truly amazing, Tiffany.

I laughed when you said things like, "Yes Frances, that sounds great. Let's give her more to bite onto." You have the most awesome humor even though life can be challenging at times.