Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Award goes to…

Unbeknownst to her parents, Averi recently competed for the “get the most baths” and the “get the most baths at odd times” awards…and WON!

It all started Saturday night when we gave her the usual bath to prepare for church. Sunday mornings are rushed at our house because we have to leave by 8:30. Dan went in to get Averi ready and found her lying in a puddle of her entire night’s feed. She had once again managed to open her medicine port and soak everything…including her stomach. (On a happy note, she spent the morning crying which means that she is starting to know what hunger is!) Dan had to give her another quick bath, seeing as she smelled like vomit.

Then came Monday night. While feeding her dinner, Averi passed some gas that felt like it blew through her diaper right into my lap. Thirty minutes later when she was done eating, Dan went to change her and found out the gas was really a poop explosion. He quickly lifted Averi up off the ground while I ran around getting bags, wipes, mats, bleach wipes…and ran a bath. We literally had to rinse her in the bath, drain it, and then give her another bath with soap.

Tuesday morning, while I was home alone with the girls, Averi decided to have another poop explosion. This one was even messier because I was cleaning it alone. It got on the carpet, on her hands, almost in her mouth, and finally I just put her in the tub with her clothes on while I ran the water. Again I had to rinse, drain, and then wash in a fresh tub.

Tuesday night I went to check on Averi before getting ready for bed at about 11:00. Apparently I had forgotten to tape her medicine port shut, which we started doing at night after Sunday’s experience, and she was once again soaked with milk and bile. The poor thing was not excited about being woken up to take another bath.

In the end, Averi had 5 baths in 4 days and I was forced to do stinky laundry every one of those days. Next time, I would at least like a warning before she tries for these awards again!


Vicki said...

Who knew a little body could hold so much poop!

Ryan still thinks it's funny when I tell him about the time his poop explosion saturated three layers of my clothing and stained my skin.

Glenn and Melanie said...

Should I send Averi a trophy? The best part is when I was talking to you on the phone when she had the major explosion when you were home alone - and all you could say was -Oh Averi - NOOOOOOO - Mom, I've got to go - there is poop everywhere - should I tell you that I laughed???