Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PT: Week 4, I'd Rather Cry

Sometimes I wonder, as I’m sure every parent who takes their child to PT does, if Averi is really getting anything out of it. She literally cries the entire time we are there. The only time she stopped today was when Kaili sang her a song and when Abbi sat on the swing with her. I told Abbi she must have great self-esteem to be a Physical Therapist.
(Playing is too much work…I’ll just sleep instead.)

We did a lot of the same things today. Averi is slowly progressing on sitting and sat unassisted, other than having a blanket tucked under her butt to lean her slightly forward, for what I’m sure was almost a minute. She would do even better if she’d stop crying every once in a while.

She has gotten really good at rolling front to back and does it, along with screaming, as soon as Abbi puts her on her stomach. Although it is a slow process, Averi is getting stronger.

I always think she is going to fall asleep as soon as we leave PT but instead she plays happily in her carseat, simply relieved that she’s not being forced to do anything she doesn’t want to.

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