Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Don't Need That

Averi has finally finished the last day of her week long stent of chemo.  Being hooked up to an IV for that long was not easy.  Several times we had to roll Averi repeatedly to get the tube untwisted.  Oddly enough, when the nurse took the chemo down it was at least 30 minutes later before I realized that I didn't need to roll the IV pole around the room with me when I was holding Averi.  Opps!

During therapy today the OT was trying to get Averi to put large puzzle pieces in the right spot.  When I told her she had picked up the cat I signed it to her - and she signed it back.  I have been working on that one for a while and she's never made any effort to repeat it.  I guess it was just building up until she could perfect it and wow us with her skills.

Since Averi's chemo is done, it is starting to kick in, and that means low blood counts.  Her hemoglobin was really low today so they gave her some red blood cells, and these weren't just any red blood cells, these were grandma's.
Along with the low counts comes the nausea.  I was really hoping that she wouldn't get sick this time since the dosage was smaller but that doesn't seem to be the case.  She has been coughing over the last few nights and today she coughed so hard she threw up.  I think the coughing and nausea are not a good combination.


Lauren in GA said...

So cool that she got Grandma's blood!

Glenn and Melanie said...

That's my blood. She'll be singing the Happy Camper song in no time!!