Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fruit Snacks

Cycle 5 is moving along as planned.  The chemo that she gets for the first three days is now done, along with the annoying 15 minute blood pressure checks.

This cycle has really knocked her out.  She has reverted back to 2 naps a day and sometimes even sleeps in a little in the morning.  I could get used to having more free time to get things done.  She is still a little grumpier than usual and being weird about eating.  I really hope it's just the remains of the steroid and not a bad habit she's gotten into.

I realized the other day that Averi doesn't have any allergies to fruit snacks so we cut some up and gave them to her.  She was way more interested in playing with them than eating them, but it kept her busy regardless.  After a while they got really sticky and we noticed her lip taking on new form with her nose.  It was good for a giggle.
I also noticed this morning that Averi is growing another tooth.  No, it's not the front one on the's a molar behind her molar.  I had to recheck because I thought I was seeing things.  Why does she have the equipment for foods she can't eat?

I guess the biggest news today was that Averi pooped, after not doing so for 6 straight days.  I think part of her not eating well is that her system is so backed up that it makes her uncomfortable.  Yesterday I asked the massage therapist to come do some extra work on Averi's abdominals, and I think that helped (along with the milk of mag and colace she's been getting every day).  I'm sure there is more to come. :)

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Glenn and Melanie said...

I remember when we took these pictures. It was way toooo funny! Averi likes her fruit rolls better than the fruit snacks I think.