Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get into Sit

I put Averi down for her nap yesterday, walked across the room, and turned around to find her sitting up in her bed.  Knowing better than to think she did it all by herself, I reclined her bed (it was elevated pretty high in hopes of helping with her breathing) and laid her back down.  Again I turned to see her sitting up.

After repeating this a few times, I stood beside her crib and watched her.  Being the sneaky/lazy girl that she is, she grabbed the railing and used it to pull herself up.  I tried laying her down further away from the railing with no prevail and finally resorted to having the massage therapist come in and massage her to sleep.

Today was a little bit different.  I put Averi down for her nap and left for about 30 minutes to give her time to fall asleep.  When I returned she was sitting up, scooted down to the bottom of the crib, and playing with her music star.  This time when I put her back down she sat up without the help of her railing!  I couldn't believe it.
As happy as I am that she has finally learned to get into sit all be herself, I am a little concerned about her future nap times. :)  We will be working some more on her getting back out of sit skills.

I suppose that if she couldn't learn to crawl by her birthday (darn croup and crazy virus got in the way of my time line) then this is an awesome milestone to replace it!  Go Averi!


Glenn and Melanie said...

I love the video - have watched it several times! She is a little baldy now - isn't she! Love you

Susie said...

This is awesome Tiffany, and she does it with such intent! Isn't it great how excited we get about these little "milestones"?!

Take care,

Vicki said...

I'm going to show this to Brianne and tell her that sitting up can be done!! Yeah for Averi! What an amazing little girl you have. What an amazing family you all are.

Tina said...

She is good at it too. It's like she's been secretly doing it all this time. She looks professional.

Lauren in GA said...

Awwwwwwww! She did it!! Tell Averi that she can sit up faster than I can!