Sunday, April 17, 2011


Dan woke up this morning to find Averi, once again, with her Mickey button in her hand instead of her stomach. She doesn't do this at home and I'm convinced that she just gets bored at the hospital and finds ways to occupy her time.  At least it was in the morning when her stomach is empty.

When Dan told me about it I informed him that we need to be really careful with her tube for the next few days since the hole has been stretched out.  I should have been talking to myself.  After feeding her an entire jar of sweet potatoes, I picked her up to put her back in bed.  While setting her down facing me, arms length away, her button popped out again, squirting my whole front side with orange mush.

It was an ambush.  I was totally set up. ;)  I sat her down, covered her hole, and stood there for several minutes waiting for someone to show up and help me.  I couldn't reach the call button and I couldn't let go of her stomach.  Luckily, the PCA showed up shortly to check on us and helped me out.

If something crazy isn't going on, you must not be in Averi's room!

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Glenn and Melanie said...

I didn't know her g-tube was popping out again! She just wants to keep you all on your toes!