Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Haircut

Averi's hair is getting really thin.  She totally has a 'new baby bald spot' on the back of her head since her visit to the PICU and having the CPAP strapped to her noggin.

Normally you just ignore the long wispy baby hairs that didn't fall out when the new hair started growing in until they are long enough not to matter.  However, Averi's have become very noticeable as of late and they finally drove me over the edge.  I got out the clippers!

It's sad that she got her first haircut so young, but the truth is that soon it will all be gone anyways so it might as well look decent.  Here's the BEFORE (note the side wispies):
I waited until Dan came home so I could have some help distracting her.  We covered her with the cape and she thought it was hysterical (so did I).  She kept kicking it from underneath and giggling.
I was going to just cut her hair with scissors but her hair was so thin I couldn't figure out how to do it so I just got out the clippers.  Surprisingly, she held really still if we sang to her.  I even did a little blending on the sides.
AFTER (no more wispies!):
Okay, the truth is that she looks like a boy - but less like a cancer patient (I'm not sure which is worse).  I wish I'd left the top a little longer. Apparently the largest guard wasn't long enough but her hair was too thin to hold and cut with scissors. :)  Oh well, she's still adorable and maybe this will help me actually look forward to her hair being totally gone. =P


Vanessa said...

She could NEVER look like a boy! She looks very pretty. You did a great job. Of course, my babies were/are bald till 2 years old. To me, she still has ton of hair. :)

therams said...

You probably don't remember me, but I think we may have met once. I was roommates with Shantel until she got married, and know most of the Fisher family pretty well. I check her blog and therefore check up on the rest of her family sometimes. And your daughter looks absolutely adorable in the last pic. She looks so darn happy!

Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful. My youngest, now your age and with 4 of her own, had nothing but peach fuzz until she was 2.

The Giaimo's said...

That beautiful gal could never be mistaken for a boy! So you just put her cute little head band on her soon to be bald head. I had a cue ball for a head until I was almost 2.

Anonymous said...

She could never look like a boy. Sam thinks she looks terrific: hair or no hair