Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Done Right

Since coming back up to J5, the weekend has been just that, the weekend.  Speech came by Friday morning to make sure that it was alright for Averi to start eating orally again.  Since then she has been eating baby food and drinking thickened liquid from a straw.  I think she actually missed eating, which is pretty exciting.

PT also stopped by and played with Averi for a little while.  She is stable enough to sit unassisted again, now that her meds aren't fogging her brain, and she is loving just being able to play and cuddle.  Dan and the girls even enjoyed a movie together.  (I'll let you guess which 2 of the 3 had their eyes glass over while the tv was on =P)
Anesthesia came by in the afternoon to listen to Averi's lungs and said that it would be fine to intubate her for the biopsy.  Now we just have to get the OK from her doctor and then wait for a spot to open up in the OR this next week.  I know it won't happen Monday but I'm hoping anyways, I can't help it.

Kaili has been beside herself since she found out that she could come play with Averi again.  My sister-in-law, Cherish, and her 13 month old, Alaina, have been here for the last 2 weeks helping us out and it is so much fun to see Averi interacting with everyone.
Averi is still showing a few symptoms from her visit in the PICU but is doing great.  She is eating all 4 meals each day and trying to relearn how to put herself to sleep.  She is still making lots of big explosive poopie messes, cuddling, and sucking her thumb until it looks like it might fall off.
We are so thankful for all the prayers that have been sent our way and that Averi is making progress.  I saw her Oncologist in the hall the other day and he told me that Averi has had the bumpiest road of all the kids that he has treated with the same condition as her.  That's our Averi - keeping it real.  Hopefully we can get back on track with her treatments soon and move on the bigger and brighter things!


Tina said...

I am so happy that she is doing better and it just made me smile so big to see Kaili playing with Averi and you holding her. I'm glad you have a picture of yourself seeing as you're a pretty big deal. I love you

Vanessa said...

Yeah! Finally moving in the right direction! We are so happy that she is recovering and that you all get to hold her and that Kaili can play with her sister again. We'll keep praying for her continued recovery. Love y'all lots! And, Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

It was so great to see you tonight. It took everything I had not to stand up and jump for joy. Sam would love to visit with his lady sometime soon. Happy Turkey Day!

Stephanie said...

Love the pics. I'm glad Averi is able to hang out with her cool big sis. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. We love you.