Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Averi has been receiving Synagis shots every month since November and I just realized I haven’t ever posted about it. Synagis is special shot that helps protect at risk babies from getting RSV, a respiratory virus.

There are limited amounts of it and it is expensive so only certain babies qualify for it. Averi qualifies because she was born prematurely and she has a heart defect.

Getting the medication into her consists of getting it in the mail, keeping it refrigerated, traveling to an office 20 minutes away because our regular office doesn’t have a nurse who can administer it, having a doctor listen to her lungs, getting the shot, getting checked on every 5 minutes for 20 minutes to make sure she doesn’t have a negative reaction, having the doctor listen to her lungs again, and finally getting to leave.

Hey, if it keeps her healthy, we do whatever it takes. Luckily, next month is our last one until flu season starts again in October.


Tina said...

That's alot of checking. Does the shot have alot of adverse reactions to it? Also,good luck with the PT and the attempting of breastfeeding. Even if it doesn't work out you still got a little bit of extra cuddle time. She loves you so much and she's got a great family looking out for her.

Lauren in GA said...

Little John gets those shots, too. I feel even closer to you, now.