Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Awaited Day

Just a few days after visiting the pediatrician I received a phone call to set up a time for Averi to get a Physical Therapy Evaluation. Halleluiah! So, after 10 months, we finally went in today to have her evaluated and set up a time to start receiving PT on a regular basis.

The evaluation went really well. Averi was pulling stunts out of her hat that I had never seen before. I told Abbi, the PT, that apparently we didn’t need her to do anything since simply being in the building was helping. (I later realized that the building wasn’t the solution since it’s the same room we have OT in every week =P )

Averi cooperated nicely with the strange PT, which is great since she is definitely starting to be more aware of stranger danger, rolled over front to back and back to front with only a little help, tolerated her tummy and reached forward instead of out, and even sat unassisted for a few seconds after lots of muscle stimulation. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

Abbi said that she had an opening on Wednesdays at 8 am. I have to admit that another early morning doesn’t excite me but Averi would die if we did OT and PT on the same day and she is always happy in the morning, so I took it. My schedule is quickly filling up.

In the afternoon we went to meet with Jennifer, who works with the Regional Infant Hearing Program. This was our first session since orientation and I was excited to see what she would work on.

First, she used a few different musical instruments, like drums and maracas, to ensure Averi responded to them. She will work toward getting further away and out of eye sight as Averi continues to respond.

She worked on a few different vocal sounds, like up up up, dooown, and aaaaaaahhhh, with accompanying toys. This will help Averi recognize the sounds and even imitate the alliteration before she can actually say the words.

She even let us take home a Baby Signing Times DVD so that I can start using simple sign language with Averi, not that she’ll be doing it any time soon but you can’t have too much repetition.

I’m excited about this program and I think we will learn a lot from it.

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Lauren in GA said...

You are amazing and so is Averi. That's all I have to say. I am so glad you have the PT, now.