Monday, March 8, 2010

OT: Week 9, First Full Feed

For how frustrating last week was, this week had some decent surprises. I only tried breastfeeding Averi about once a day (but isn’t my life isn’t full of free time) and of course it was never quite as effective as when we tried at OT, but there’s nothing wrong with a little cuddling while she sucks on a pacifier.

Then, on Thursday, something amazing happened. I was over at a friend’s house during Averi’s lunchtime feed and she quickly drank the 20 mls of thickened breastmilk that we always offer her. She still seemed interested so I filled her bottle up again, and then again. She drank a total of 50 mls, almost twice as much as she’s ever taken from a bottle before.

The next day we were out again during lunch and again she took 50 mls. I couldn’t believe it. So on Saturday I was really disappointed when she wouldn’t even take 20 mls.

Yesterday I decided to try and reenact the scenarios when she had taken more. I put her in her carseat instead of her highchair and then diverted my attention to Kaili and Dan instead of making constant eye contact. She drank the 20, and then 15, and then 15, and then 15, and then 15.

It took 45 minutes but for the first time ever I didn’t even have to hook up her pump after the feed because she drank her entire 80 mls! She even ate half a container of carrots after she was done. Of course when dinner came along she wanted nothing to do with the bottle but I had kept my expectations low.

When I told Francis about it today she wanted to see Averi in action so I tried my whole scenario again…with not as much luck. Then again, it wasn’t lunch time either. Francis said I should try stimulating Averi in the mornings with music and lots of movement in hopes of getting her more awake and interested in eating. She also showed me some facial muscle stretches to do before each meal.

I know we still have a long ways to go, but at least we know that it’s possible…one day.


Lauren in GA said...

Yeah for progress!!!!!!!!!!! That is really exciting, Tiffany!!!!

Kendall, Starla, Conner, and Aleck said...

That is so great! She is doing so good and I love to see the updates.