Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PT: Week 2, Still Croupy

I seriously considered not taking Averi in to PT today but we are going to be out of town for the next two Wednesdays and I didn’t want to miss three weeks in a row. Plus I figured she’d cry through all of it whether she was sick or not. Little did I know that she was really going to let us have it. She screamed and snotted the entire time.

Abbi continued working with Averi on strengthening her arms. It’s amazing how lazy she is about using her arms. Literally every time Abbi made her put weight on them she would throw herself backward to get away from it. She especially doesn’t like leaning to the side while in a sitting position and propping herself up on one arm.

Averi is getting better at sitting and can sit while only being supported on her hips. She is also doing better about keeping her hands in front of her. I really think we can have her sitting independently by her birthday.

After PT, Averi felt really warm and I finally decided to take her in to the pediatrician. She had a really hard time breathing last night and couldn’t even sleep in the swing because she was coughing so much. When she breathes it sounds like Darth Vader and the fever made me worry that she might be getting an ear infection.

So, on a day that we had no doctor appointments, we headed to the doctor. They told me that it was upper respiratory (duh), she didn’t have a fever (right at that moment), her ears looked fine, and to just keep an eye on her. Wow, I feel much better. Hopefully we will all get better soon.


Tina said...

Doctors can be so helpful sometimes. Take that sarcastically or not whatever your current feelings about doctors is

Lauren in GA said...

What is it with fevers? My kids will be burning up but when we go to the doctor...all fine....

Vicki said...

I've don't have that 'mother's intuition' bone in my body. I follow what dh thinks. Whenever I think I need to take the kids to the doctor, I've always gotten that "it's just a cold...."story. -and when I don't take them in, (until dh tells me "do it")...well I should have taken them in days ago! I can't win.