Monday, March 22, 2010


Averi, Kaili, and I have had runny noses and colds for about a week now. Just when I thought she was getting better, Averi woke up Saturday night with a tight, dry cough and labored breathing.

By last night, she was barking out her coughs and could only sleep if she was propped up in her swing. It didn’t take long for us to recognize the symptoms of croup, since she’s had it before. The problem with croup, however, is that it is a viral infection so there is no treatment, other than humidifiers, cold air, and observation.

Since there wasn’t much use in taking her to the hospital, and we already had an appointment scheduled at the Down Syndrome Clinic today, we just waited it out. I called Frances this morning to let her know that we weren’t coming in and then headed to the doctor.

At the Clinic, Dr. Nash said Averi’s lungs sounded okay and just to wait out the next few days until the croup subsided.

The rest of the visit consisted of me updating them on everything going on in Averi’s medical life. I’m still unsure what the purpose of the DS Clinic is since they didn’t even bother to see her until she was 7 months old and we aren’t returning for another 6 months, and I’m pretty sure that the pediatrician is tracking Averi’s total history, but I do as I’m told.

After we got home, Susan, the Early Intervention Specialist from Help Me Grow, came. Lately we have been filling out a survey listing Averi’s interests and our daily routine. This is supposedly going to help us find ways to schedule working with Averi into normal life activities. I’m pretty sure my OCD tendencies and need to organize have already taken care of scheduling everything I have time for but I’m taking any advice I can get.

Hopefully tonight will be better than last night, Averi will be able to breathe better, and the croup will soon go away. I have a sinking feeling that this isn’t the last time we will have to deal with it though, since croup is more common in kids with Tracheomalacia.

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Lauren in GA said...

Sorry about the croup. Poor, sweet baby. :(

I know what you mean about clinics...John has to go to the NICU follow up clinic for preemies...even though he sees so many other doctors and the pediatrician follows him so closely.

I do what I am told, too. ☺