Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Said What?

After more than a week, I finally heard back from both GI and the Allergy Clinic about Averi latest situation with food allergies.  It was not productive.

The Allergy Clinic let me know that her reaction to strawberry was not clinically significant and I can continue feeding them to her.  I should keep an eye on it and let them know if there is a reaction (like hives or rashes), but there won’t be a reaction, but if there is I should let them know.  Great, I feel very confident that she will be fine.

Then a nurse called me from the GI Clinic to let me know that I do NOT need to take her off of cereals.  What?  So I asked her what I should be doing about the mucus in her poop.  Since she was a different nurse than the one I talked to last week and has never even met Averi, she told me just to keep and eye on it.  Really?

I decided I wanted to talk to the doctor in person and called to make an appointment…in mid October.  Great, so I’ll just “keep and eye on things” until then.
(My thoughts exactly Averi!)
Since I had two doctors telling me two different things, I decided to be the advocate.  We have already been off cereals for a week, and it takes 2 weeks to see any improvements, so I am going to continue eliminating them to see if she gets any better.  Here’s to nothing!

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