Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PT: Week 17, Stop Fighting It

I wasn’t expecting things to go well at PT today.  Lately Averi has been fighting it more than ever.  Yesterday the Early Intervention Specialist came and Averi just screamed if we tried to get her to do anything.
I finally came to a conclusion – Averi’a arms are weak and that is why she refused to use them.  She sleeps on her stomach almost all the time now and if it hurt or felt funny because of the Mickey or her heart surgery she would change positions.  It is all about her arms.

I told Abbi my observations and she totally agreed.  Averi can sit up from her back when she’s on the exercise ball so we know she has the core strength, she just doesn’t want to use her arm to push the rest of the way up.  The EIS also told me that I need to get Averi to push up and down because just leaning on her arms won’t strengthen them.  Abbi and I decided that if we can get her to just lean on her arms we are making progress, so that will be my goal for now.

We also worked on getting Averi to stand.  She likes to lean back on whoever is holding her to make it easier so we really have to get her to lean forward.  We also put her in 4-point to work the arms again.  She wasn’t happy but she didn’t scream nearly as much as I thought she would.

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