Monday, August 2, 2010

OT: Week 25, Pincer Grasp

Averi is still doing awesome with the honey bear, although she has gotten a little bit sloppy with it.  It’s probably due to the slight cold she has (which hasn’t turned into croup yet…knock on wood).  Frances said to pull the straw out whenever she starts dripping, even if it means she only takes one swallow at a time, so that she’ll stop thrusting her tongue forward.

Averi took a whole feed from the bear with plenty of time to spare so Frances got out the puffs.  After a couple of tries, for whatever reason, Averi starting picking them up with her thumb and finger.  Then, to top things off, she put it in her mouth.  I have never seen her put food in her mouth all by herself before.  She will hold the food filled mesh bag up to her mouth but that’s as close as it gets.

She didn’t just do it once either, she repeatedly picked up the puffs and put them in her mouth.  Granted they didn’t usually stay in there long enough for her to swallow them, but it was very exciting.
When I mentioned to Frances that I have no idea what a baby Averi’s age should be eating, she went and printed out a nutrition sheet for me.  Come to find out, not only is she eating almost everything orally now (except liquids) but she is getting a balanced diet, even if it is all purees and oatmeal.

We will miss next week because we will be at the beach but Frances told us to continue working on her pincer grasp and getting food to her mouth.  Maybe one day she won’t only eat but feed herself!

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