Monday, August 23, 2010

OT: Week 27, Apples Anyone?

After our visit to the Allergy Clinic this week, it was quite fun trying to find things for Averi to eat.  She screamed bloody murder when I tied to give her formula and apple juice mixed with thickener and we could only get it in her one Dan mixed in a large amount of strawberry syrup (which, oddly enough, contains no strawberry).  I finally resorted to putting baby food in the honey bear so that she could continue to get practice with the straw.  Just think of it as a V8 and call it good, right?
Finger feeding was interesting as well since the fruit leathers I bought and her puffs have strawberry or rice in them.  I did give her some cut up pear slices and she loved them – so much, in fact, that she bite her tongue enough for it to bleed and didn’t even cry or stop shoving them in her mouth.

I left the house this morning not quite sure what we were going to do at OT since we’re kind of at a stand still, and once I explained the situation to Frances, she wondered the same thing.  We sat and talked through ideas for a while and then Frances decided to try spoon feeding some chicken and applesauce since those are two foods Averi can actually have.

I have never seen this girl eat so much in my life.  She ate a whole jar of chicken and gravy, a whole package of applesauce, some freeze dried apples, and was still looking for more.  So Frances gave her another third of chicken and of applesauce until it was time to go.  It was amazing!

The best solution that Frances could come up with for now is to take apples and chicken and present them to Averi in as many ways as I can – i.e. applesauce, apple slices in mesh bag, dried apples, cooked apples, apples mixed with other veggies, etc.  This way she can still get oral stimulation and practice while we are sorting out this allergy thing.

I’m not quite as pumped as I was upon leaving OT last week, but I have to admit that things don’t look nearly as bad as they did after the allergy appointment…considering.  Now if I could just figure out how to make this thickener and get her to drink it we would be set.

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