Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PT: Week 15, Bye-bye

In super exciting news, Averi did a first today!  Some friends came over after PT and one of them has an 8 month old.  As they were leaving we all said bye-bye and waved and waited for Kayla to wave back.  All of a sudden, Averi picked up her arm and started waving her hand!  I blew it off as coincidence at first until I realized how much concentration Averi was putting into it.

I have been working on waving with her for a while and she will open and close her hand if I hold her arm up but this was totally all by herself.  I tried to get her to do it again after they left so I could get it on camera but the peer pressure was gone and she just laughed at me.  I was so excited I called Dan.  I can’t wait to get her to do it again so I can prove to myself that she knew what she was doing.

Physical Therapy went well today.  Averi’s core just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  I’ve been really diligent this week about making Averi get in and out of sit when she starts getting bored with one position or the other.  I also make roll onto her side and sit up in bed before I pick her up after she wakes up.  I like to think that it is helping.

I told Abbi about how well Averi did with standing on Saturday so we tried it out a little today as well.  She was really impressed with Averi’s progress.

For some reason, Averi was really fighting side sitting today so Abbi got out a flat square that can rock back and forth.  Averi was a little bit happier on it but she refused to lean over with the tilt and put her hands down beside her.  Instead she just really worked her core muscles and did everything in her power to stay vertical.
I wish there was a magic way to stop Averi from fighting PT so much.  She puts way more work and energy into trying to get out of doing stuff than just doing it would use.  This week I got her into four-point and she held it all by herself for quite a while.  She would never do that for Abbi, which I guess is why my patience and determination between sessions is so important.


Tina said...

I'm so bugged by your page. Don't worry its not you. On my blog it tells me that you haven't updated in 3 weeks and I happen to check and you have tons of updates! I'm getting so behind. Do you pre-post so that they you blog and then it posts itself later? That is my only guess. Anyway, yeah for Averi and all the firsts she is doing! Yeah for you doing extra credit work and having it pay off. Love you!

Lauren in GA said...

How great that she is progressing...and the fact that she waved darling!