Monday, July 5, 2010

First Tooth

I’m pretty sure Averi got her first tooth today.  If not today, it was sometime recently.  How, you might ask, do I not know when it happened?  Because it’s a MOLAR!

I was playing with Averi today and when I leaned her back I saw something white.  After further examination, I realized that her upper left molar has broken through her gums.  Now I know that people with DS often have their teeth come in in a weird order, but I was definitely not expecting a molar to be her first tooth.  It’s also a very painful way to start getting teeth.  (I tried to get a picture of the tooth and it was a no go.)
Hopefully all the drooling that she has been doing lately will lead to her getting teeth in the front, but until then I think she’s trying to tell me that she’s ready to skip baby food and go straight for the steak!


Lauren in GA said...

I agree...steak sounds lovely!! And a rack of ribs!!!

That picture is so cute!

Vicki said...

I've heard that their teeth will come in differnetly, but this takes the cake....hmmmmm that might be a nice ending to her steak dinner!
Courtney told me about this...what a cutie. Poor thing with all the pain involved, for you and her. I hope the others will come in with less pain.
Sorry to have missed you a few weeks ago, I was outside giving Liam a quick snack before nursery class.