Saturday, July 17, 2010

LEAP, Straight Legs

We went back to the LEAP program (PT, OT, and Speech) for a second try today.  We missed last month, which I wasn’t too upset about, but today they decided to split up the sitters and walkers so I had better hopes.  There were only three kiddos there so we got a lot more one on one time than last time, which was nice.

At one point the PT came over and lifted Averi up a little and she actually kept her legs straight and put weight on them.  She never does that.  Whenever you pick her up she looks like an airplane with its landing gear up.  The PT pushed it a little further, put some toys up on a bench, and got Averi to stand at the bench and play.  She did it several times.  I was amazed!

When she was done she sat Averi on the edge of the thick mat so that her feet were touching the ground and she was forced to use them for balance.  I sat and blew bubbles at her for at least 5 minutes and she was perfectly content.  It was surprisingly an exciting day.

Too bad she’s not getting much Speech out of it, since that is the main reason we started going.  As she gets more vocal, we will stop going and start some real Speech Therapy sessions.

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