Monday, July 26, 2010

OT: Week 24, Honey Bear

The Honey Bear works!  Dan picked up the honey bear for Averi this week and immediately called me to find out why he had to stop at the hospital for something we could just buy at the store.  I explained that the honey bear had an expensive straw inside it and then he was more understanding.
After only a few times using it, Averi is drinking from a straw like a pro.  I can squeeze the thickened liquid up to the top and then she does all the sucking and drinking all by herself!  She even takes several consecutive swallows.  For never figuring out the bottle she is excelling with a straw.

Frances was also amazed.  After Averi took a whole feed (3 oz formula, 1 oz apple juice, 4 tsp oatmeal to thicken) she looked at the clock and stated that this was the fastest feeding session we had ever had.  She then said that we need to up the straw feeds to twice a day.

Since we had time, Frances got out some mixed fruit and mashed up the peaches and pears.  She tried feeding them to Averi on a spoon but Averi did a really awesome job spitting them back out.  This will be our next goal since straws are going so well, but like everything, it will be a process.

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Lauren in GA said...

So, awesome.

If you had bought the bear at the store it would have been filled with honey. At least the hospital bear was bare...heh, heh, heh, get it?