Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PT: Week 14, Moving is Useful

After being on vacation, spending a lot of time in a carseat, and missing a week of PT, I was worried that Averi wouldn’t have progressed much.  She did still cry, but she was just fine.

In fact, just yesterday I ran into the grocery store for a few things and didn’t feel like taking in the whole carseat so I just put Averi in the front of the shopping cart.  She sat up the entire 20 minutes and only tried to eat the cart a few times.  She is becoming such a big girl.  I think she can handle a longer shopping trip, which is a big deal because I have a really hard time seeing around the carseat when it is sitting in the cart. :)

Today we worked some more on getting in and out of sit, which is always fun.  Since Averi really doesn’t like being on her stomach, Abbi tried helping her get from sitting into four-point (hands and knees).  She said there is nothing wrong with skipping tummy time as long as her arms are getting the workout they need.

Being on her back has become a save place so Abbi said I need to really work on making her get out of sit into four-point and then she can roll over from there.  Hopefully this will show her that there are other ways to get to toys and see her surroundings.

Something else I just realized today while talking to Abbi is that it will take Averi longer to figure out that she can move her body to get to toys.  Duh!  I always just focused on the fact that she has low muscle tone and it will take her longer to be able to move, but just because she can move doesn’t mean she has mentally figured out that she can use it to get to things.

So not only do I need to be working her muscles but I need to be showing her the usefulness of using her body.  Sometimes I wonder how we get anything done at our house.

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