Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Not There

I have been trying really hard to still get some PT and OT in while we are at home.  I discovered that an upside down plastic shoe box makes a great bench for Averi to sit on and the couch with no cushions makes a great place to work on kneeling.
Averi has been tolerating her orthodics really well (I was a little worried since she's never really had shoes on her tiny feet before) and is even standing on her own for 10-15 seconds when propped up against the coffee table.  I know that sounds like a really silly accomplishment to a typical parent but it is amazing compared to before when she wouldn't even bear weight on her feet at all.  She is moving in the right direction and we are so proud.

P.S. Dan took a video of her standing but she is very grumpy while doing it and it looks more like child torture so I will wait until another time. :)

After visiting the clinic on Monday, Averi's ANC was 774.  Since it was on it's way up again, they scheduled us to go back today.  Of course my hopes were smashed by a measly 874.  I really thought she'd be admitted again by the end of the week since tomorrow will be 2 weeks that she has been home.  She will get there eventually, just on her own schedule as always.


Ellen said...

Tiffany - We have one of the small adjustable Kaye benches that PT's use. Nathan really isn't using it right now. If you wanted to borrow it for Averi, I would be happy to drop it by. Let me know. Ellen - 868-6887.

Lauren in GA said...

That is not a small accomplishment at all! I am so proud of her, too!

I am so happy for you that you have had 2 weeks home ☺