Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Perfect Gift

After dropping down to zero on her birthday, Averi's ANC doubled from 44 to 91 to 182.  On top of that, she hasn't needed oxygen for the last two nights.  Yesterday the doctors decided that if her counts continued to go up today and she didn't need oxygen, she could go home.

I woke up excited this morning since she hadn't needed any oxygen and went to find the nurse so she could tell me Averi's ANC.  I had great plans of packing and being ready to go when the doctors made their rounds so we could be out before nap time.  Of course it had gone down to 169.

By the time they made to our room at 11:30, I had already admitted defeat and was still in my pj's.  Out of the blue they announced that Averi's counts have been trending upwards and they trusted us to bring Averi in if any problems should arise.  Seriously, we can go home?

It was a total surprise and the perfect Mother's Day gift!  I started packing in a hurry and then sat and waited for the discharge papers (the doctors couldn't be too nice and let us get out at a decent time).  As always, Averi fell asleep 10 minutes before we were allowed to leave.  Another nap time lost but another weekend as a family gained.

Just in case you were wondering, here is what moving out of the hospital looks like after 3 1/2 weeks.

And yes, moving in looks exactly the same.  Babies come with baggage you know.  (P.S. I will continue to call her my baby - regardless of the fact that she is now 2 - until she is walking and defined as a toddler by default.)

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Lauren in GA said...

Yay!! Home for Mother's Day!!