Friday, January 28, 2011

Tricked You

Yesterday, Averi woke up much happier than the day before.  She ate breakfast, at a slower pace, and even played a little bit.  Lunch came and went and she was still fine.  When Speech Therapy and Music Therapy showed up I gave them the go ahead.  Averi responded to their requests, banged toys, signed, and danced in her highchair.

Not two minutes after they left the room, she went from happy to puking up her lunch, just when I was starting to think that we were gunna be off the hook with only one day of puking.  I wish I could say that it stopped after that, but she continued to throw up during her massage and throughout the rest of the day, including once after she fell asleep.

The best part is that the exact same thing happened today.  One o'clock rolled around and Averi's lunch rolled up out of her mouth.  It must be the witching hour when I think we are far enough into the day that she is going to be okay.  I even fell for her trick enough to take her for a walk in the car.  At least today she only had a few episodes in the afternoon and then she was done for the rest of the day.
(Last night after dinner, Averi threw up and then tried to fall asleep on the washcloth that Dan was holding under her chin in case more came out.  She looked so cute and pathetic.)

I have to tell you my favorite moment from yesterday.  The dietitian showed up (have I mention how much I HATE dieticians?) and told me that she was worried about Averi's calorie intake.  Really, I thought puking added calories to your diet.  As she started into her spill about what I should be doing differently, I had to run over to the bed to catch several heaves of Averi's puke.

As I stood there cleaning up the mess, she had the nerve to come over to me, no not to ask if she could help, but to tell me that I should be giving Averi continuous feeds during the night so that we can get more calories into her.  I glared at her and explained that night time is the only time that Averi isn't puking, most likely because her stomach is empty, and I'm not going to take away her restful sleep just to get a few more calories in her.

Wait, here's the best part.  Then she said what all dietitians say, "Well, the final decision is up to the doctor, but I'm going to put in a request that she have continuous feeds at night."  That's great, except for one thing...the final decision is up to me, and it's not happening!

Here's my other pet peeve, since when is it normal to pump food into someone's stomach when they are nauseous and puking?  I'm pretty sure that if a person without a G-Tube were sick, no one would be shoving food down their throat while they were sleeping.  My philosophy is that if Averi won't take any food orally then I'm not pumping it into her either.


Jana said...

Hey Tiffany. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find both of yours!

It made me smile to hear you say the final deicison is UP TO YOU. I can't stand it when people think they can take away a parent's rights and hand them over to the doctors. I'm glad you are so informed, and assertive enough to invoke your parental rights!

As for Averi and Kaeli, they are both such adorable little girls! I've been praying for you and your family. You and Dan are so strong and great examples!

Runningmama said...

You're right the final decision is up to seems her sleep is just as important as her nutrition. Emily doesn't eat much while she is on chemo, but as soon as she starts to feel better she pigs out, so it sort of evens out. When we are in the hospital all she will eat is salty chips and ritz crackers, someone told me that chemo kills the taste buds so really salty things taste yummy to them. Are they giving her an anti nausea medicine around the clock, I am sure they are, but just wanted to make sure, maybe they could try another one and see if that works better before trying to feed her continuously? Hoping she feels better!

Lauren in GA said...

Somebody tell the idiot dietician that a housewife from Georgia is looking for her.

Does she know that when children sleep is when their bodies grow? Kids need their sleep. Especially a child in Averi's situation. What a dumb dumb. You are right. You have the final say.

Stephanie said...

Stinking dietician! I'm imagining that situation and how upsetting that had to be. You are incredible though, I'm sure she felt like an idiot for saying it, but she probably had to just for her own record. But she may have just been straight-up-legit-idiot though.

Brandy said...

That is INSANE. Any adult in that situation would opt out of eating to get a good night's rest too. As long as she is hydrated...but I am preaching to the choir here. You know, you're her Mom.

Glad to hear that she is back to her raspberry blowing self though!