Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bored or Sick?

Averi was super fidgety yesterday and kept wanting to be held and then not be held.  I assumed she was bored already and we went searching for something fun to do.

I had seen another baby using a car the last time we were here, but the sneaks kept it in their room so we never got a turn with it.  I was determined to find it, so we searched every community room with no luck.  Then one of the nurses told me about a secret hallway where they store some of the larger toys - and there it was.  Now guess who's keeping it in their room...hehehe!

Averi LOVED it!  We went for three 'walks' today, which consisted of walking in a circle around the floor and stopping to flirt with the male nurses at the desks.  At least I'm finally getting some exercise.
Last night was Dan's turn to stay with Averi.  He called me around 11:00 to tell me that Averi had a fever.  The nurse had taken it a couple times over the last hour and it was slowly working it's way up.  By midnight it peaked at 100.2.  Anything over 100.4 requires them to start her on antibiotics and take blood cultures.  It finally worked it's way back down by this morning, but I makes me feel bad that I thought she was just bored and she really didn't feel well.

Then, after dinner today, Averi threw up all over.  She used to give us a fair warning cough, but Dan said this one just happened...twice.  Her fever is still gone, but she's really mellow.  I thought she had a good week before she started getting sick.  Maybe she's just getting ti over with so she can feel better soon.

Did I mention I hate chemo?  It's just like her G-Tube, if it weren't keeping her alive, I'd stop it in a heartbeat.

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Brandy said...

I LOVE that picture! You'll need to snag one of those cars to take home with you as a souvenir :)