Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cycle 3 Begins

I think I learn something new with each cycle that we start.  This time, it was to send an oncology nurse into the OR with Averi to be my eyes.  That is the one place that I cannot go with her in the hospital, even though we are there 24/7, and something always manages to go wrong while she's there.  Well not this time!

I called the oncology floor last night and asked the charge nurse to make arrangements for a nurse to accompany Averi into the OR.  She said that with our history, that wouldn't be a problem.  It was wonderful!  The nurse stayed with her from pre-op, to OR, to recovery, to the floor - and there were no complications or uncleaned IV's.

I always feel bad for Averi when we're in the pre-op room because she's so smiley and has no idea what's coming.  At least she got to enjoy a small part of her day.  Here's our mandatory pre-op picture. :)
The lumbar puncture went well.  She's always had to be intubated before but the anesthesiologist did an awesome job and only left a mask on her since it was such a short procedure and she was doing so well breathing.  This meant less recovery time and no sore throat!

Averi's been really clingy today, and cries every time I leave the room.  I think we were gone long enough that she forgot how this hospital living thing works.  Hopefully she will get back into her routine just in time for the chemo to kick in and make her sick. :(

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