Monday, November 23, 2009

This is Supposed to Help? - 11/17

It’s hard to believe, but Averi is already 6 months old. With this milestone comes another doctor’s visit and a round of immunizations. I took her in on Tuesday and the pediatrician said that considering her situation, everything looked great. Then it was time for her immunizations…

I’m not one of those mom’s that can’t handle watching her child get shots, which is a good thing because Averi has had her fair share of needles being stuck in her. However, there is one immunization that has to be taken orally. Averi has had it twice before and done fine with it, but that was before she had her throat operated on and was told she couldn’t eat for 6-8 weeks.

When I asked him if it was okay for Averi to take it, the doctor said that it couldn’t be given through her J-tube and that it was a small amount of medicine that was really important to get, so the nurse gave it to her. We then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get her to swallow 1 milliliter of liquid.

As she screamed, coughed, choked, gagged, and tried to swallow, the nurse lost all composure. She left to get the doctor twice, repeatedly said “God bless us,” and kept looking to me for comfort. She even told me that in the 22 years she had worked there that had never happened to her before. Had I not been used to Averi behaving that way, although not quite that bad, I would have been in tears by the time I left that office.

Question for self: Isn’t the nurse supposed to tell ME that everything is going to be okay and not to worry?


Vanessa said...

How terribly sad that the nurse lost it. Good for you for keeping it! So, was Averi sick after all this???

Lauren in GA said...

You have enough to worry about. Having to console and comfort the nurse should not be something you end up having to expend energy on.

Some of the nurses we have had have seriously made me wonder.