Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surgery Follow-ups – 11/19, 11/24

We recently went back to Cardiology to make sure Averi was healing alright from her VSD repair. Her scar looks great and everything sounded normal with no murmur. They ran an EKG that was normal as well.

The doctor then explained to me that sometimes with the kind of surgery they did the heart can get a weak spot or another little whole. He said he didn’t hear anything but that he wants Averi to come back in 6 months for a sedated echo to make sure that everything is working exactly how it is supposed to (the sedation is just so that she will hold still so they can get a really good picture).

A few days later we went to ENT to follow-up on her laryngeal cleft repair. He said she looked fine and that her throat should be pretty much healed up by now. He will get back to us after her swallow study to let us know if she can start trying to eat again.

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Lauren in GA said...

That is great about her heart. It sounds like things are progressing well. That is so wonderful.