Sunday, November 29, 2009

Feeding Pump

Last weekend we went to my parents’ house. The night we got there, Dan went to plug in Averi’s feeding pump only to realize that I forgot to pack the power cord. This is a problem, obviously, since it has to recharge every night in order to work and we couldn’t just use a different cord because it’s a 5 volt.

So we called Apria, the company that supplies it, at 11:00 at night and explained the situation. After getting several calls from different people, the branch manager called at about 2:00 in the morning to ask me why we hadn’t called sooner and to tell us that the driver couldn’t come to our house, even though he lives in the same area as us, and we would have to drive an hour to meet her at the office.

Knowing we’d fall asleep at the wheel, we told her that Averi would have to go all night without food and we would come meet her in the morning. The next morning, she called when Dan was 5 minutes late and told us she was just going to leave the cord on the door. I know the problem was my fault but it’s her job to deal with it, without being so rude.

Later in the week, on Thanksgiving, we were over at our friends’ house when her pump stopped working. I called again and we realized that the pump was stripping the tubing so that it couldn’t push the milk through. I felt bad making someone come out on Thanksgiving so we waited until we got home, put a new bag in the pump, and someone brought us a new pump the next day. Unfortunately, the new pump doesn’t have a timer on it like the old one did, so we keep having to prime air out of the tubing. Hey, at least it’s working and they brought it to our house. :)


Glenn and Melanie said...

Averi is in our prayers.

Lauren in GA said...

You are right...she didn't have to be rude. It is her job, afterall.