Sunday, July 3, 2011

PT Fun?

Sometimes Averi does things out of the blue that totally surprise me.  I have a typical child, so I know all kids get to a point where things just start to click for them, but as you may or may not know, anything new that Averi does takes a ton more time and effort - and seems to mean more too.

Today she was chilling on the couch with me and decided to pull up onto her knees all by herself.  Once she started getting a reaction and laughing about it, it turned into a game and she repeated it enough times to get on camera.
I love her little personality.  She cracks me up, even when she's working her butt off to do it.  I think we may have just stopped the world's turning for a brief moment when we found a way to make PT fun. :)


Vicki said...

Yeah!!! that is so great! I love how she gives lots to kisses too--a double treat--a tall kneel and kisses.

Celeste Ferguson said...

What a sweet baby girl!! Such a cute video! :)

Kendall, Starla, Conner, Aleck, and Jared said...

I love it! Her little laugh is the best!

Lauren in GA said...

She is so adorable. I just love her. Sweet kisses!

Stephanie said...

That is my favorite video of all time! I love you and miss you guys!!