Saturday, July 2, 2011

Forward Facing

Keeping Averi in the infant carrier has been very convenient.  Not only does she weigh in at 19 pounds making it easy to still carry her around but I love that during the few weeks we're home between cycles I can put her carrier in the stroller and completely cover her with both visors (keeping the germs at bay).

I've always said that we would convert her to forward facing when she turned 2, but it seemed silly since she didn't even get a car for several days after her birthday.  Now that she's done with chemo, there are no more excuses.
I can't believe how old she looks.  Kaili loves having her sister facing the same way so they can play together and Averi loves being able to see everything.  I can tell riding in the car is going to be lot more fun now.

In case you're wondering, we still haven't gotten the results from Averi's biopsy and yes, it's a 3 day weekend.  After not hearing anything on Thursday I called yesterday and left a message with the nurse hoping to at least hear the preliminary results even though we couldn't get the port out.  I never heard anything back.  By the time Tuesday rolls around and the clinic is open again we should have the final results.  Oh well.

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Glenn and Melanie said...

She looks so grown up in her big girl car seat.