Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Whole New Meaning to Wetting the Bed

Two nights ago, when I went in to change Averi’s diaper and turn off her feed, I found her cold, clammy, and soaked. No, it wasn’t a really full diaper, it was just stomach contents.

Remember that medicine port I was really excited about when she got her Mickey button? It was open and her feed had just been pumping out onto the bed as well as letting the food in her stomach pour out as well. This wasn’t just a little wet that I could cover up either. I had to strip the bed, wipe her down, change her clothes, throw everything in the bathtub, wipe the mattress, and remake the bed…at 5 in the morning.

But the story doesn’t stop there. Last night it happened again! So, my excitement for her starting to find her legs and touch them has quickly died as I realized that this means she can also reach down and grab her feeding tube. I put a new extension on her tube in hopes that the new port will have a tighter plug but I’m pretty sure that this is not the last time I will find her lying in her milk.


Nicki said...

So sorry! I am sure this is no way shape or form any fun at all.

Vanessa said...

Yeesh! What a stresser! I sure wish it was just a really wet diaper for your sake.

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, no! I hope the new extention on her cord will keep this from happening.

John keeps ripping his oxygen tube out of his nose...I am not sure what I can do. I can't staple it in, right?

That is so rough having to strip the whole bed like that. I am so sorry.

Glenn and Melanie said...

Suprise!!!!! All that wasted milk - and what a mess. The best you can do is laugh!

The Fisher Family said...

Poor baby. Poor Mommy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of her on the sidebar of the post, though. What a little cutie.

brandy said...

Oh no! What a nightmare and at 5 patience is thin in those early morning hours.

On a happier note, I am loving all the pictures you've posted of Averi lately! She is such a doll!