Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eye Doctor

Today I took Averi to see an optometrist…just kidding dad, we went to an ophthalmologist. For once, this was a doctor appointment I wasn’t concerned about because Averi is really good at tracking and her eyes can follow me from across the room. The only thing that worried me was when I got a reminder call from them saying the appointment could take 2 hours…to look at eyes?

When we got there they checked her tracking, which was awesome! :) Then they put drops in her eyes to dilate her pupils and sent us back into the waiting room for 20 minutes. After a quick nap (for Averi, not for me), we went back in so the doctor could check her prescription and look at her optic nerves.

She checked her prescription by holding up different lens to her eyes. Averi thought they looked really tasty and kept trying to lick them. The doctor found that Averi is slightly more farsighted in her left eye than in her right eye. This is nothing to be concerned about right now but can sometimes lead to the right eye becoming more dominate because it has the better prescription. We will return in 6 months just to be safe and check that the difference between her eyes isn’t getting farther apart. If it does, then she will need glasses (please no).

The doctor also checked her optic nerves and said that everything looked great. When we left, the doctor said that Averi could come back any time because she was the perfect patient.

You've got to admit, this girl's got the most gorgeous eyes!

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Lauren in GA said...

Oh, my yes...I do agree that she has gorgeous eyes.

I feel so close to you. We have to go to frequent eye appointments to make sure that John's oxygen isn't causing his retinas to detach. On average John is the youngest patient in the eye doctor's office by about 70 years. Eveybody coos at him.

Sorry you didn't get to take a nap at the office ;)