Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-Admission Testing - 9/1

Pre-admission Testing went really well. It only lasted 4 hours. We were able to talk to a cardiothoracic nurse about Averi’s heart, the anesthesiologist, a research representative, the Nurse Practitioner who gave her a physical, take her vitals, draw some blood (they had to call in the IV team), and get a chest x-ray. Everyone concluded that she is still on for her VSD repair and throat scope tomorrow!

People keep asking me if I’m nervous, and I am a little bit, but I am mostly excited that she is going to be healthier after the surgery. It is hard to watch as your child slowly gets more tired, struggles to breath, and sweats profusely just lying in bed. We are definitely taking a step in the right direction!

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Lauren in GA said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to see her struggle just to breathe.

We have had to call the IV team too...for me and for John, both.