Thursday, September 3, 2009

Formula - 8/22

Sorry I left everyone hanging for a while after the last post, but I was just making sure everyone got their fair share of laughs. :) We did finally get enough poo collected and after several days of waiting all the tests came back negative. Not so helpful. Since there are no tests to find out if the blood is from a food allergy, we just had to assume that was the problem.

So, after eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet, there was still another food irritating her. Since her surgery was coming up and it wouldn’t happen if she was still bleeding, there was nothing left to do but eliminate all possible allergies. Since it takes two weeks for the offenders to completely leave my breast milk after I stop eating them, and we didn’t have that much time, we had to start Averi on Alimentum, a very expensive allergy-free formula that smells almost as bad as the poo we had been collecting.
Within several days she had healed up. In the mean time, I have started a total elimination diet, eating mostly fruits, veggies, chicken, and rice. Mmmmmm. We will have to reintroduce the milk slowly, but hopefully we will have gotten rid of whatever was making her sick. Don’t worry, I won’t waste your time telling you how upset I am that I am still pumping milk 7 times a day and denying myself any food that tastes good so that my daughter can eat expensive formula that doesn’t have immunities. ;)

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Lauren in GA said...

Tiffany, you are awesome. Truly, truly, you are my hero.

Brian had to be on Alimentum because he had bloody stools, too. It was some sort of a weird allery he had. He seemed not to be able to handle any sort of milk protiens. (In truth, he was on Nutramigen which is Enfamil's version of Alimentum.) I remember thinking, "This stuff stinks to the high on earth can it be good for my baby?!