Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Solids...Sort of

I was recently informed that you can change the date on a post so even though it is now February, I can make it look like I wrote this in December when it actually happened. How cool is that?

So I know that Averi already had rice cereal at the swallow study and at the OT evaluation, but we had to get the traditional ‘parents first time to feed their child solids’ on video. Since this requires both parents, one to feed and one to video, it didn’t happen until after Christmas.

Getting ready for the big event.

I know you have all been looking forward to this really exciting video, so here it is.

Averi was making some pretty good faces.

Another really exciting video that shows how much better she’s doing after just a week and a half of practice. Kaili thought something was really funny.


Lauren in GA said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! I love how she stopped to smile during the second video. She is such a doll.

Shannon said...

She is seriously SO cute. I love that sweet smile she gave when she heard her big sister laughing.

We're the 'random' Stevens Point peeps just in case you're wondering. :)

Hope your cute family is doing well!