Friday, December 25, 2009

Fat Baby – 12/22

On Tuesday we actually went in to see GI. Dr. Punati said that we can start weaning Averi off of the 24 hour feed. Every couple if days we will increase her feed rate so that we can lower the number of hours the pump is turned on. The goal for right now is to have two 4 hour periods a day where she isn’t getting anything pumped into her stomach so that she will learn to be hungry and hopefully be more interested in oral feeding. She also said that there is nothing wrong with skipping bottle feeding if Averi can’t figure out how to suck. When she starts taking more by mouth we will decrease the amount of milk we put in the pump.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is slow and long process because I want her to be eating and rid of this G-Tube…baby step, baby steps.

We also visited the neonatal clinic where I brought up my concern about Averi’s weight gain. She is a chunk. They said that since we are no longer increasing her feeds, she should maintain – whatever that means. It’s a good thing rolls look really cute on babies and she has really kissable cheeks!

Apparently they like kids to stay at the 50th percentile, even when her family is small and her height is in the 20th percentile. ‘Don’t worry, she’ll grow into her weight.’ Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this picture? Dan and I have decided to take this into our own hands and decreased her feed last week…mwahahaha!
I love this picture. It seems to scream, “Hey mom, get that big black thing out of my face!”


Lauren in GA said...

She is looking at the camera like you are a member of the paparazzi.

I am so confused? How can you grow into your weight?

I do love me some baby rolls, though ☺

Vanessa said...

Averi looks more like she's saying, "decrease my feed!? Learn to be hungry?! Are you nuts!?" :)
She does have some really kissable cheeks.