Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There’s a First Time for Everything – 10/16

Last Friday, Averi experienced her first trip to the ER. I’m impressed she made it over 5 months without going. At about 5:30 pm she started refluxing so we vented her G-tube to let out some of the air she had swallowed. That’s when we saw a bright red, pea-sized blood clot come out. We dumped it out and left it vented. After two more bright red clots came out (we’ve never seen that many at once or had them be so fresh before) we decided to call the doctor’s office.

Of course they close early on Fridays so I waited on hold for 25 minutes, had my phone hang up on me, waited another 20 minutes, and finally talked to the triage nurse who told us that we needed to bring Averi in. I was sick so I stayed home with Kaili. (Another first, Dan had never been out with Averi by himself before – not that he couldn’t handle it).

Well, we all know how ERs work so I’ll keep this short - some sick two-year-old in the waiting area literally crawled into Averi’s car seat repeatedly while Dan pulled her out and her parent was nowhere to be found, Averi was taken to a room, vitals were taken, Averi was sent to radiology to make sure her tube was placed correctly, blood was taken, it was decided that she was fine and it would be pursued in 2 ½ weeks during her endoscopy, and they arrived back home at 11:30 pm.

Let's hope we don't need to return any time soon.


Glenn and Melanie said...

I'm praying and thinking about Averi's surgery next Tuesday. Hope it helps with some of this eventually. Give her a big kiss from me!

Lauren in GA said...

I can't believe those parents left their sick child the ER!!!

Seeing clots like that had to have been so scary.

Vanessa said...

Poor guys - what an evening. I hope you, Tiff, feel better soon.